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Personalized trend obviously, leisure products developed rapidly

Watch after nearly 300 years of development, has grown from a single timing tool gradually divided into luxury consumer goods and a variety of melting time, entertainment, decorative and practical functions in one fashion fast consumer goods, clocks and watches industry appeared and cosmetics, clothing, jewelry, leather goods industry integration development trend. Clocks and watches products brand culture connotation, creative design and practical additional function has become an important factor in attracting consumers.

As the Shenzhen Watch Fair slogan says "25 years of youth, Xu you a future". With the industry in depth, meaning Shenzhen watch fair responsibility has not only to provide exhibition services for enterprises, but to "bring value to enterprises, brings the idea of future" industry, promote the overall development of the industry, further explore the path Chinese watch industry transformation and upgrading.

Talking about upgrading, transformation of clocks and watches industry culture on the one hand, thanks to the high income population growth, the status symbol of high-grade luxury watches sales class increased; on the other hand, leisure creative watches are popular. The clock is endowed with more personalized design and Home Furnishing function concept, to meet consumer demand for use in the living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, children Home Furnishing function area; for a watch, consumers like on different occasions, different seasons wearing the sporty and casual watch. In addition, consumers also like has the brand quality, design fashion, unique style and decoration of the watch. For example, OMEGA Affinit é series jewelry will seize this consumer demand psychological, it uses large quartz stone decorative rings, pendants and earrings, its style and popular dazzling large colored stones with different approaches but equally satisfactory results, three kinds of natural color quartz stone, mosaic into asymmetrical form in modern sense. It also uses a constellation watch series "griffes (jaw)" design features, the quartz stone inlaid in the ring, pendant and earrings. MontBlanc's "brilliant" diamond is composed of 7 hop dancing Diamond Star chain with 1 MontBlanc 6 diamond form angle. In this article by platinum diamond with gorgeous necklace, is studded with 1464 diamonds, 58.75 carat total weight.

At the same time, the radio controlled clock and other new watch is also more and more consumers value and acceptance. Watch consumer demand toward hierarchy, diversification, personalized direction, has become a marker of individuals, people function of these items is reduced greatly, and their appearance is more demanding.

Therefore, watches and clothing, cosmetics and other industries integrated development will become the inevitable trend in the development of the watch industry.