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Mechanical watch is slow to do the truth of the automatic mechanical watch more walk more slowly
Many people wear watches when they travel, although in modern life, the timing function of watches is no longer so important. However, watching time with a watch is obviously more convenient than looking at the time of the mobile phone. Watches that are always in seconds are not really there, and both mechanical and quartz watches have an error range. Here is a brief introduction to the truth about how the mechanical watch goes slower and the automatic mechanical watch goes slower and slower.
The truth that the automatic mechanical watch is getting slower and slower
As the saying goes, look at the watch to see the movement, the movement looks at the escapement, look at the balance wheel, you can see the speed and slow needle after watching the balance. Most people know that there is a device in the clock that can adjust the speed of walking. The watch family is called a regulator, and the watch industry is called a fast and slow needle. In fact, the speed and slow needle is a clock mechanism designed for professional operation during manufacturing and maintenance, rather than designed for the user. Things always have its two sides. While bringing convenience, it must also have another problem, that is, "Isochronism". Even the best fine-tuning institutions are inevitable. Usually, the amount of change in the day difference caused by the change in the swing of the watch is called isochronous error, which is referred to as isochronism. The isochronism is a technical parameter that takes a large proportion when testing and evaluating the quality of the clock. If it is determined that the watch is getting slower and slower under normal conditions, it is the above reason.
How to adjust the time of the automatic mechanical watch
1. The table handle is pulled out of the second gear, which is to adjust the time.
2. Do not adjust the time and its watch function during the time between 23:00 and 5:00 in the evening to avoid damage to the watch.
3 The crown is rotated upwards in the unplugged state. The new Xiteng table or the long-standing table is recommended to be wound up about 30 times. This can reserve some power for the watch to avoid the pause caused by insufficient activity or Timing is not allowed.
4. Pull out the first gear, it is the date, 1-31 days, if you encounter only 30 days of the month, you must manually adjust the number 31. (Note that the calendar is adjusted at 12 o'clock in the evening. If the calendar is adjusted during the day, you can manually rotate the time for 12 hours.)
How to maintain automatic mechanical watches
1. When wearing a watch, the sweat on the hand is corrosive to the case. The all-steel case is made of nickel-chromium alloy, which has better corrosion resistance. The semi-steel case is copper. It is in contact with sweat for a long time and is easy to corrode. Wipe the sweat with a soft cloth or put on a plastic watch to prevent it from being eroded by sweat.
2. Do not open the back cover of the watch at will, so as to prevent dust from entering the movement and affecting the normal operation of the watch.
3, do not put the watch in the wardrobe with mothballs, so as not to deteriorate the oil.
4. Do not place the watch on the radio or TV to avoid magnetization.
5, long-term storage of non-wearing watches, should be issued once a month on a regular basis, so that the parts will not be in a static state for a long time, in order to ensure the running performance of the watch. Any watch will have errors, and the West Teng watch is no exception, so when you encounter errors in the watch, don't rush to repair, this is normal, just adjust it.