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Wall clock structure
1. Front shell (also known as front cover): Surface treatment methods are: direct injection moulding color, spray paint, electroplating, draping (also known as transfer), hot stamping and so on.
2. Rear shell (also called back cover)
3. Battery Cover
4. Mirror: Glass material (also divided into flat glass and arc glass) and plastic, of which wall clocks are basically glass, table clocks are two kinds.
5. Bell face (also known as literal): paper, PVC (a kind of plastic), metal. The scale, text and pattern on it are all silk-printed.
6. Clock needle (also known as pointer): Plastic and metal materials, of which wall clocks are basically metal, table clocks have two kinds.
7. Machine core (travel time):
(1) According to the operation mode of the second hand, it can be divided into two parts: the second hopping core and the second sweeping core (also known as the silent core).
(2) The wall-hanging clock machine core is divided into two parts: single time core (abbreviated as single machine) and music time core (also known as dotting machine core).
(3) The movement of the clock is divided into single machine and alarm machine. Among them, the alarm is divided into single alarm core and alarm with sleepy function. The noise of the alarm is divided into single BB sound and four BB sound (that is, from weak to strong BB sound).
8, screw
9. LCD (liquid crystal display) module: divided into Chinese and English. There is only one LCD component on a clock, which generally displays the contents of the calendar (i.e. calendar year, month, day, week, Chinese calendar month, day) and temperature; there are two LCD components on a clock, one of which shows the calendar, the other shows temperature and humidity.
10. Pendulum mandrel (auxiliary mandrel): divided into flat pendulum mandrel and rotary pendulum mandrel.
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